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Cover of The Reach of the Past, fifth in The Naxos Mysteries series

The Reach of the Past

Archaeologist Martin Day has always hated the illegal trade in Greek antiquities, and now he has a chance to make a difference. He agrees to help his friend, Chief Inspector Andreas Nomikos, on a case of suspected trafficking. Not only will he be well paid to give lectures at the beautiful Villa Myrsini, and have the perfect excuse to shelve his current research, but the investigation will distract him from the problems in his personal life: Helen is staying in London, and he has no idea when she will return.

The luxury yacht Alkyoni, owned by shipping magnate Theodoros Kakouris, arrives at Naxos for the Festival of Cycladic Wine. On board is an international art dealer, Pierre Ridgeway. These are the men Day is to watch. Meanwhile he is growing to like the family who own the Villa Myrsini, most of all the attractive Maria. He is starting to enjoy himself. When he is found at the scene of two murders, however, he attracts the attention of the ambitious Chief of Police, and the consequences are more serious than he supposes. 

As the light grew dim again with the onset of the second night, Day admitted to himself that he was afraid.

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