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About the Author
Picture of Vanessa Gordon, author of The Naxos Mysteries

Vanessa Gordon is an English writer and the author of The Naxos Mysteries. She has also published a book on the cuisine of the Cycladic islands, A Greek Feast on Naxos.


The Naxos Mysteries were inspired by her love of Greece, its ancient history, archaeology and cuisine. She has travelled extensively round the archaeological sites of Greece, meeting people concerned with the discovery and protection of the country’s cultural heritage. 


Naxos made an enormous impact on her. On one of her many visits she came across the stone hut in the hills which inspired the first book, The Meaning of Friday. With the creation of her protagonist, the archaeologist and film presenter Martin Day, the next books followed quickly.


Vanessa writes: ‘I love the mystery genre, which enables me to explore the magic of Greek antiquity, the wonderful landscape and the cuisine of Greece, and the rich complexities of human nature. In The Naxos Mysteries I try to appeal to both the mind and the heart of my reader, engaging them in the passions and tragedies of the characters in a context of discovery and exploration.’


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Vanessa is an Author Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors

Cover picture of The Meaning of Friday, first in The Naxos Mysteries series
Cover of The Search for Artemis, second in The Naxos Mysteries series
Cover of Black Acorns, third in The Naxos Mysteries series
Cover of The Disappearance of Ophelia Blue, fourth in The Naxos Mysteries series
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Cover of The Reach of the Past, fifth in The Naxos Mysteries series
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