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Cover of The Search for Artemis, second in The Naxos Mysteries series
The Search for Artemis  

​Martin Day's new acquaintance, Edward Childe of King’s College Cambridge, is found dead in Athens. It looks like suicide. However, Edward had been looking forward to meeting the granddaughter of his youthful sweetheart, Artemis. Day can't believe that Edward would kill himself before this special meeting, and is forced to conclude that his death must have been murder. He seeks out Inspector Andreas Nomikos and asks for his help.

Edward's friend, Konstantinos, is a renowned marble sculptor on Naxos. Recently his workshop has being targeted by an intruder, and the break-ins are each more sinister than the last. Day fears that Konstantinos, like Edward before him, might be the object of someone set on murder.

With the help of the tough Sicilian, Peppino Berducci, Day resolves to protect Konstantinos and get justice for Edward. He would also very much like to meet Artemis's granddaughter, and ultimately find Artemis herself.

REVIEW by William Gresens, Reviewer of Archaeology in Fiction at  the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse (Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center)

As was the case in the first volume in this series, The Meaning of Friday, the mystery to be solved is engaging and perplexing, but much of the delight in reading the Naxos Mysteries is the lovingly rendered portrait of the Cycladic Islands presented by author Vanessa Gordon.  The wonderfully evocative descriptions of life on Naxos, whether it be the beauty of a sunset over the Aegean Sea or the rustic cuisine and libations, add immeasurably to the pleasure of reading these mysteries.

The NAXOS Mysteries 



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