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Discover The Naxos Mysteries, a series set on an idyllic Greek island. Archaeologist Martin Day is drawn into the underworld of  antiquities crime, an ever deepening understanding of the past, and the unpredictable behaviour of even the most ordinary person. Nobody, of course, is ordinary...  Day is also still in the process of understanding his own needs.

The cover of The Reach of the Past, fifth in The Naxos Mysteries series
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The Reach of the Past

In this most recent adventure in the Naxos Mysteries series, Day becomes involved with a wealthy collector, his unscrupulous agent, and the world of wholesale antiquities trading. It is Day's most challenging adventure so far, in more ways than one.


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A Greek Feast

on Naxos


An excellent read and mouth-watering recipes make this celebration of Greek food and way of life a welcome gift at Christmas or any other time.

Includes food facts, how to make great Greek dishes at home, and food-related stories to lose yourself in.


(UK only)

For good information about Naxos, visit the GREEKA website.

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