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Summary of Plots

The Meaning of Friday

Archaeologist Martin Day has bought a house on the island of Naxos where he plans to combine his research work with relaxation. When a New York historian is killed, a woman disappears, and a body is found in a shepherd’s hut in the hills, Day suspects a connection with an undiscovered ancient site on Naxos.


The Search for Artemis

Archaeologist Martin Day’s new colleague, Edward Childe, appears to have committed suicide. Day cannot believe Edward would do this just as he is about to meet the granddaughter of his first love, Artemis. Then an old friend of Edward’s is threatened and Day suspects he might be the next target of a murderer.


Black Acorns

At the scene of a wildfire on the Greek island of Naxos, archaeologist Martin Day discovers a body by a ruined tower. The victim was the partner of the nearest thing Day has to a brother. He must unravel the events that led to the tragedy, a maelstrom of misunderstandings, mistakes and revenge.


The Disappearance of Ophelia Blue

Archaeologist Martin Day meets his first lover, Ophelia, after twenty years. She has a mystery for him to solve. However within a few days, without explanation, she disappears, leaving Day to follow a dangerous trail of ambition, greed and tragedy in his search for her.


The Reach of the Past

Archaeologist Martin Day’s work involves a shipping magnate who is suspected of antiquity fraud on a grand scale, but whose guilt cannot be proved. When a couple from Santorini and a gentle old man are brutally killed, Day’s association with the millionaire gets him into a great deal of trouble.



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